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Log cabins started out in American history as basic shelter and connect us to our heritage.

The concept of log dwellings reach into our heritage and connect us to a deep rooted spirit of freedom, adventure and the forging of a new life. These original and austere cabins provided a cozy home that was secure and comfortable against the demands of a harsh frontier. Today’s log homes are beautiful tributes to these pioneering roots, offering aesthetics and building technologies that our ancestors never dreamed possible. The process of combining the innovations of modern construction with the traditional log home can be tricky. Using a mixture of mud and straw to plug air and bug leaks is no longer acceptable. This is where the experience and proven weatherization techniques of James M. Taylor & Associates, Inc. is valuable. “Constructing it right the first time” is not just an axiom but a “must” in log home construction.  The “VALUE”, of our services, shows when problems do not.

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